I Caught a Bird!

Fantastic Fiona is a Pointer and like a true Pointer she is fascinated with birds. She stares at them through the back window and she slinks down low and points at them when she sees them in the backyard until she can’t take it anymore and she bounds after them.

One morning when I let her out to pee we saw a small bird resting on the ground about a foot away from the patio. Fiona was pointing at it and then all of a sudden she sprang onto it and had it in her mouth.

Fiona has been trained to drop whatever is in her mouth when I say “thank you” but this time there was no persuading her to let that poor creature go. I tried everything to try to get her to open her mouth. I called for my mom to help me with her. She came out and just stood there in shock as Fiona chomped down on the bird and swallowed it whole.

I still can’t believe that happened. I also can’t believe that she didn’t get sick. The bird must have been sick because it didn’t make a sound or try to fly way when Fiona came after it.

Fiona on the other hand was quite pleased with herself and wasn’t fazed by our disgust.

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