The Two-Dog Advantage

I've had dogs my whole life, and I have loved them all.  From the bouncy puppy stage through the middle years, all the way to those final, heartbreaking days of old age, I've enjoyed having a dog in my life.  But I've always had just one dog at a time, until now. A few years ago, my daughter moved home and brought Fiona, a young and very athletic English Pointer, into the house which was already home to my own middle-aged, low-energy lab mix, Phoebe. And I will never have just one dog again.

There are a number of compelling reasons to have more than one dog in the house, and here are just a few that we have seen in our own house.

  1. Companionship.  We are busy people (Aren't all Americans these days?), and some days we are away from home for hours at a time.  Having a second dog in the house means that they don't have to spend those long hours alone.
  2. Exercise.  Our dogs give each other a far more rigorous workout - several times a day - than any human ever could.  They run and chase and wrestle and challenge each other, providing fun and physical activity that is not only perfect for their cardiovascular systems, but also great for their muscles and joints.
  3. Weight loss.  I never realized that my old girl, Phoebe, was overweight, and had never been told that she needed to lose weight. But in the first two years after Fiona came to stay, Phoebe lost 15 pounds.  That's a LOT of pounds on a 60 pound dog! We didn't change her diet at all, but you should see her now.  At 11 years of age, Phoebe is now buff and fit and healthier than ever.
  4. Less guilt. Knowing that both of our dogs are getting the exercise and play time they need means less guilt for us.  Now, we can relax in the evenings and play with them, without feeling obligated to take them out for a long (and time-consuming) run.
  5. Double the fun.  Of course , the best part of owning two dogs is that we get to enjoy them both! Each one is a unique and cherished member of our family, and we love them both dearly.

I know that we will never have just one dog again, but we also know that owning multiple dogs isn't an option for everyone.  If that's the case with your family, we urge you to seek alternatives.  Spend as much time with your dogs as possible, giving them at least 30 minutes of appropriate exercise every day. And if you don't have the time, or inclination, or physical ability to exercise your dog, please consider hiring a Dog Walker or Doggie Daycare for him.  He relies on you to keep him healthy.

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