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4 Unusual Tips For Keeping Pets From Becoming Lost or Stolen

Parents of both two-legged and four-legged children alike have likely experienced the sheer panic when that moment arrives when we can’t find them. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, the feeling of utter terror is beyond compare. According statistics from the ASPCA, only 26% of dogs and just 5% of cats are returned to their owners…
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Dog Breath is More than Nasty

Dog breath can be more than a stinky problem. It could be a symptom of a larger health issue. While bad breath can be caused by a number of problems, the most critical sources of bad breath in dogs could be kidney disease, diabetes mellitus, lung disease, and even cancer. So if your dog's breath…
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Cleaning pet urine from carpets

It happens.  Pets have accidents, and leave you with a smelly stain on your carpet.  Here's our best advice for cleaning pet urine from carpets and rugs. Step 1 - Blot it up If the area is still wet you should first attempt to absorb the dog urine. Leaving it there to dry out will…
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Does Your Dog Have a Digging Problem?

Dogs love to dig. They will dig to bury their toys, or to have a nice cool place to lie down.  They may dig to have a nesting area for the puppies, to get out of the yard, or just for the fun of it.  And sometimes they dig out of boredom. If your dog…
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Some Dogs Just Love to Bark

Herding dogs in particular love to bark – it’s part of what they were bred to do. Some dogs love to vocalize just because it’s fun. However, most people don’t find barking charming. After a while it gets on your nerves too. Asking a dog to never bark is both unrealistic and cruel. Barking is…
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The Very Best Dog Food for Your Dog

Providing your dog with a high-quality diet is important to his overall health.  Just like you, your dog need nutrients and fiber and quality fresh ingredients in his food to ensure he has the fuel he needs to remain strong and healthy.  But with so many pet foods on the market, it's really hard to…
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Dogs and Doorbells

Who has a dog that goes crazy at the sound of the doorbell? I do – along with every dog owner that I have ever met. But here is why I don’t complain – in fact I encourage it. First of all the sound of my doorbell doesn’t carry through the whole house. If I’m…
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