Fiona and the Flying Frisbee

I remember when I first brought Fiona home. She was four months old and she loved playing with all of the toys that I had bought for her. She loved to chase the Tennis Ball and I wanted her to play catch with me. I wanted to do all sorts of doggie sports with her and catching a Tennis Ball seemed like the best place to start. So I threw the ball right to her and *THUD* it hit her right on the head. She just sat there, let it hit her, and then chased after it. We tried this a few more times. I even tried using different toys and treats. Each time we had the same sad result. I gave up with a broken heart – we would never play Frisbee.

Fiona and I spent a lot of time with Phoebe at her house. Phoebe feels that she is entitled to a treat whenever she comes back inside the house. Fiona was a spoiled puppy so she would always try to take Phoebe’s treat in addition to her own. I had a great idea. Fiona can’t catch anything tossed right to her but Phoebe is a biscuit catching champion. We would break up a biscuit into small pieces and bounce them off of the counter for her and she would never miss.

So, the next time I took the girls out to pee I bounced the pieces of the first biscuit to Phoebe and then handed Fiona her biscuit. I was so proud of myself for resolving that conflict but my victory was short lived.

The next time I had the girls out I bounced the biscuit off the counter again. Fiona was at least five feet behind Phoebe so Phoebe caught the first one, and I bounced the second piece and then Fiona sprang into action and all of a sudden her mouth was in front of Phoebe’s and she caught it. It was unreal, almost as if she just teleported there and snatched Phoebe’s treat. So much for my easy fix on the treat thieving – over time we were able to break that nasty habit.

From that moment on Fiona would try to catch everything that I threw for her. Her treats, stuffed toys, Tennis Balls, and then the Frisbee. The Frisbee was a challenge but she did eventually catch it. Now we play Frisbee in the back yard when the weather is nice. She would have a much better success rate if I were better at throwing it. But, she doesn’t seem to care about my bad throws. At least she doesn’t judge.

If you want to play Frisbee with your dog I recommend the Kong Flying Disc or one of the cloth Frisbees. It is a soft rubber Frisbee so it is safer for your dog. If you use a hard plastic Frisbee it can damage and wear out your dog’s teeth over time.

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