Bringing Home the Fabulous Fiona

A house is not a home without a dog. So, when I moved into my own apartment I knew I needed a dog. I wanted a big female dog that would snuggle with me and be a willing jogging partner. I actually wanted to rescue a pit bull but that just wasn’t possible. It turns out that I couldn’t rescue a dog over 25lbs.

Most of the apartments that accepted dogs had a 30lbs weight limit. I finally found a place that accepted big dog but they had a list of breed restrictions the length of my arm. They also wouldn’t allow anything mixed with any of those breeds. I searched the shelters in the area. My family has always rescued our dogs – the thought of buying a purebred had never crossed my mind. After visiting about half a dozen shelters and scouring over I decided to get a purebred puppy.

I narrowed my breed list down to a few different dogs in the sporting group. Pointers were near the top of my list and I found a litter on PuppyFinder. He only had one girl left and she was 4 months old and the runt of her litter.  I had spent a lot of time trying to find a purebred puppy and this adorable little girl just fell in my lap.

I still feel like I rescued her even though she was a purchased purebred. She spent her first 4 months in a barn. She was well cared for but she had never been in a house, never slept in a bed, and never sat on a couch. The breeder put her on a plane from her home in Iowa to my in Orlando. I rescued her from the scary cargo facility. She was scared and so small. She only weighed 17lbs.

I fell in love with her instantly. I opened up her crate once I got her to my car. I fastened her pink paw printed collar around her neck and hooked her up to a leash for the first time in her life and let her out to pee and get to know me.

She was pretty good for the drive home. She whined for a little while but all in all she handled her trip well. Once I got her home I snapped her first picture of her in her new life. We played with some of her toys before it was time for bed.

My life was forever changed.

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