We've assembled an amazing team of top-quality pet sitters that we are proud to call employees!  Each one has a proven work ethic that has brought them great success in their previous careers.  Many are now retired and looking for something fun to do with their time.  All of them are experienced pet owners and animal lovers.

Before one of our sitters is assigned to care for a pet, he or she  has been thoroughly screened, including a criminal background check.  We've interviewed them (and their references) and have been truly impressed by their honesty, integrity, intelligence, and their solid work ethic.  Then we insure them (for liability and Worker's Compensation), and provide them with a ton of professionally designed training to assure they are competent to handle the typical pet sitter tasks as well as any emergency that might come their way. That training includes

  • Pet First Aid
  • Pet CPR
  • Professional Standards
  • Emergency Response
  • Basic Pet Care
  • MUCH more

When you call Bewaggle, we'll assign one of our amazing sitters to your job, and you'll have the opportunity to meet them before committing to anything.  Whichever sitter you get, we know you'll love them, because each one of our sitters is absolutely first rate!