Marianne Carlson is our co-founder and CEO, but she’s also a fierce advocate for our clients!  When you call Bewaggle, you’ll most likely talk to Marianne, and she’s all about giving our clients over-the-top customer service!

Before she and her daughter started Bewaggle, she worked as an IT Specialist and Web Designer for the US Army, and is proud to have served six months in Iraq in 2003, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  She also served as the Computer Support and Training Coordinator for the State Judiciary in Vermont.

Marianne graduated Summa cum Laude in 1997, from the University of Maryland, and her expertise is in marketing and business management.

Today, Marianne brings a lifetime of international business experience to the team, and her servant’s heart to the aid of our clients. She wants every client to be totally delighted!

Marianne wants you to visit Bewaggle on Facebook!