Pet Sitting

When you need someone to care for your pets while you're away, Bewaggle is here to give you the peace of mind that no other pet sitter in America can offer. We don't just pop in, let them potty, then leave. We spend time with them, engaging with them, exercising their minds and their muscles, aand giving them the human contact they crave while you are away.

Our goal is to make your pets happier, healthier, and better companions for you, for having spent time with us.

We'll send you daily updates, to ease your mind, because we know that's what we would want if we had to leave our own pets behind.

We'll care for your home too!

We'll water your plants, take out the trash, open and close the drapes, and bring in the mail.  We can make the home look lived-in while you're away.  Our pet sitters don't have any Bewaggle advertising on their cars because we don't want to publicize the fact that you are out of town.  The security of your home is a major concern, and we take it very seriously.

Call us today to talk to your client advocate about getting the very best sitter for your pets and your needs.

We Americans love our pets, and we want what’s best for them.  When pet owners have to be are away from home, whether on business or vacation, they often hire pet sitters to care for their pets and their homes until they return.  But until now, it’s been almost impossible to find a pet sitter with the proven protections and reliability that Bewaggle offers all of our clients every day.  See, here’s the problem:  Most pet sitters are part-time contractors – like a teenage babysitter. But even if you hire a "professional" pet sitter, their standard contract says that  if the sitter gets sick, or busy, or for whatever reason, she can’t make it, she can hire someone else to do the job, and that subcontractor can hire other subcontractors.  The truth is, once the client leaves on his vacation or business trip, he has no idea who is going to be in his home, or how well they will safeguard his property, his pets, and his personal information. He might trust the sitter he hires, but he can’t control who she hires, or what they might do inside his home, or whether they are qualified to handle any emergencies.

But Bewaggle isn’t a part-time endeavor; we’re a professional service provider committed to long-term relationships with our clients. We rely on our team of well-trained, carefully screened, fully insured pet sitters. Each sitter is a local resident – from the client’s own neighborhood - who has been bonded, insured, and has passed a criminal background check. Each pet sitter receives our professionally-designed training in pet first aid, emergency response, basic pet care, professional standards and more. We’re not the cheapest pet service provider, but we offer a level of service, security and peace of mind that our clients value, and that no one else in our service area can offer. Our services include pet sitting, dog training, pet care consultation, and more.

Before you hand your keys over to a part-time sitter, you owe it to yourself to learn the facts.  Call us today and see why our clients trust their homes, their property, and their beloved pets to the professionals at Bewaggle.  It’s why we say “Be wise… Bewaggle.”