Dog Walking

watching for the dog walker to take dog for a walkEvery dog needs daily exercise - a lot of daily exercise - in order to maintain optimum health and fitness.  (Just think how much exercise their wild cousins get, hunting, chasing, and playing in the pack.) But if you're like most Americans, you're a busy person.  You work all day, with no opportunity to run home to take the dog out.  And when you get home, you're exhausted - and you may have more running to do before you can relax.

You may not have the time, the energy, the inclination, or the physical strength to give your dog the exercise he so desperately wants and needs.  Or maybe you have a dog who needs a potty break in the middle of the day, while you're at work.  Whatever your dog needs, Bewaggle can help.  And, as always, we do it with a strict adherence to our corporate mission and vision.

Call today to speak with our client advocate about your dog's needs and your preferences. We'll match you up with one of our pet sitters who can give your dog the attention, the exercise, and the human contact he's craving while you're at work.

Our goal is to help you dog be happier, healthier, and a better companion for you, for having spent time with us!

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Your dog is our only focus!

You may have seen dog walkers walking lots of dogs together.  We won't do that.  In fact, we never walk multiple owners' dogs together.  Trying to manage multiple dogs on leashes can be a challenge under the best conditions.  But dogs can be stubborn, or curious, or territorial, or aggressive, or fearful, or independent, or poorly trained. And we have no control over other dogs we might encounter on our walk.  We believe that the fewer dogs we have to manage, the safer it is for the dogs in our care, and for our dog walkers.  So we won't take on multiple dog walking clients simultaneously.

Aside from the safety factor, we believe your dog deserves our full attention during his walk.  So we spend our time focusing solely on one client's dog (or dogs) at a time.  Yes, if a client has multiple dogs, and they are all well-trained, well-behaved, and accustomed to walking together, we can walk them together.  But that's the exception, rather than the rule.

Some days it's just not safe to exercise outdoors.

Some days it's just not safe to exercise outdoors.

We take weather conditions into considerations when planning your dog's walk.  In the hot summer months, we'll usually exercise the dogs indoors, unless we can get them out in the early mornings before it gets too hot.  Discuss your preferences with your dog walker to assure the schedule and the exercise plan will work well for everyone, especially your dog.

And, of course, we will clean up after your dog, as every responsible dog walker should.