Dog Training

Whether you have a new puppy or an adult dog who needs to learn some basic manners, Bewaggle can help. We use only positive reinforcement and reward-based training techniques because we know they work. In the video below, Paula Carlson, our co-founder and lead dog trainer, demonstrates just how well they work. This young dog does everything she asks her to do, because she wants that reward - a favorite toy. The really impressive part is when she finally gets the toy, she relinquishes it without any hesitation. Watch this video to see our training techniques in action. Note that the dog responds to both hand and voice commands.

Puppy Training

Puppies - like human babies - are learning every minute they're awake.  The secret is to control what your puppy is learning, and that is the essence of proper training. Puppy training can begin as early as 8 weeks of age, and the sooner you begin working with your puppy, the better it will be for you and for him (or her). Our trainer will come to your home for your training sessions.

There are a number of advantages to in-home training, compared to group puppy classes, as shown below.

Puppy training includes housebreaking (if needed) and the basic commands (sit, down, stay, come, etc.) More advanced training can also be scheduled.

 Obedience Training for Adult Dogs

Unfortunately, not all dogs receive proper training when they are puppies.  If you have an adult dog who needs to learn the basic commands and manners, Bewaggle can help. Our basic obedience training covers such topics as:

  • Basic commands (sit, down, stay, come, etc.)dog trainer working with small dog
  • Walking on a leash
  • Jumping up on you or your guests
  • Begging at the table
  • Excessive barking

If you have any questions about your dog's behavior, give us a call.  We're here to help.