We offer a variety of services designed to help pet owners care for their pets and enjoy them more.

Our Pet Services include:

pet sitting

Pet Sitting:

When you have to be away from your pet, whether for a day or a month, we can come to your home and care for your pet. We are available by the hour, by the day, or longer, and can also stay in your home overnight, if that's what you and your pets require.

Please note that overnight house-sitting assignments should be scheduled well in advance, as holidays and other dates fill up quickly.

dog walker

Dog Walking:

Your dog needs exercise every day - probably a lot more exercise than your schedule permits.  With regular, appropriate exercise, your dog will be happier, healthier and a better companion for you and your family. Many behavior problems can result from boredom, or the lack of engagement with people. At Bewaggle, we know you're busy, and your schedule may not afford you sufficient time to properly exercise and engage with your dogs.

Please note: At Bewaggle, we're all about personal service, and we want the time we spend with your dog to be time focused on him. So we don't take on multiple Dog Walking clients simultaneously. This way, your dog (or dogs) will be safer, happier and get more personal attention.

puppy-trainer in action

Puppy Training: 

Puppies take special training - and so do their owners!  At Bewaggle, we use only reward-based training techniques.  We work with you and your puppy to teach proper care and handling, so your puppy learns to follow your instructions because he wants to.  You'll learn the techniques and tools the great trainers use, and you'll begin life with you new friend on the right foot. An investment in your puppy's training can prevent long-term problems and unnecessary expenses down the road. Everyone loves a puppy. Proper training will help assure that you love him just as much when he grows up. Includes Housebreaking.  Watch our trainer in action here.

Basic Obedience training

Basic Obedience Training: 

Dogs that don't behave well are no fun to be around. Our Basic Obedience Training includes the basic commands of Sit, Down, Stay, Come, etc., and teaches you how to stop bad behaviors including:

    • Jumping up
    • Pulling at the leash
    • Begging at the table
    • Excessive barking
    • And more

Some behavior problems are more serious and require additional effort to correct. We offer consultation services and can make special arrangements to work with pets who require more than basic manners training. We use only reward-based training techniques! Watch our trainer in action here.

Traveler's Pet Sitter:

vacation pet sitter

Are you planning to visit or move to central Florida with your pets?  We can help!  Contact Bewaggle before you leave, so you can be free to do the things you need to do when you get here.  We can send a sitter to your hotel while you visit the attractions, so your pets get the love and attention they deserve while you're out.

Moving is stressful on everyone, including your pets!  Let Bewaggle take one worry off your mind.  Ask about our Snowbird specials!

WeightControlWeight Control Consultation:

Being even a little bit overweight can have a significant effect on your pets' health and wellbeing, and can drastically reduce their life expectancy and their quality of life.  At Bewaggle, we offer consulting services to help you achieve and maintain the proper weight for your pets.  We don't sell food or supplements of any kind, and we work with you to find solutions that fit in your budget and your lifestyle.

Remember that a single pound on a ten-pound pet is a weight gain of 10%.  Your pet will be healthier and happier if you manage his weight properly.

happy dog, happy family


We love our clients' pets like family, and we want to help make them as happy, healthy, and well-behaved as possible.  We also want to provide the most outstanding customer experience possible for each of our clients, every day.  If we can help you and your pets in any way, please let us know.

We offer consultation and training services nationwide. Whether for an individual or group, our trainer/consultants are available to help you resolve your pet care concerns.