ThunderShirt Review

Does your dog suffer from anxiety over thunder storms, fireworks, or even separation anxiety?  Have you heard about ThunderShirts?  The claim is that ThunderShirt is a quick and simple solution to pet anxiety. The company claims that by simply putting the ThunderShirt on a stressed dog, it will help to calm him down. That seemed a little too good to be true, so we did a little research to see if the claims were actually true.

Now, please understand that we at Bewaggle don’t claim to be in the market research business, and we haven’t done any scientific studies to prove or disprove the effectiveness of the ThunderShirt.  What we have done is a fairly extensive Internet search of blogs, Social Media posts, and product reviews, along with reviews we’ve heard from our own clients who have used the product.  And our research tells us the ThunderShirt actually works!  Not on every dog, of course, but what we’ve found is that about 4 out of 5 reviews that we’ve seen have been very positive, and that’s impressive.

You can use the ThunderShirt for any stressful or over excitement situation. It’s just a snug fitting jacket that helps dogs feel more secure and calm. This apparently works for most dogs and most situations.

So if your dog has issues with stress,  we believe the ThunderShirt is well worth a try.  Unlike medications, it can’t make the situation any worse or have any unwanted side effects. Most likely it will provide the relief that your dog needs. If the ThunderShirt doesn’t help then you should consult your veterinarian and a trainer. The vet can make sure that there isn’t any kind of medical issue contributing to the stress. A trainer can help you to address the behavioral side.

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