Safe Alternatives to Rawhide

Our last post was all about the Dangers of Rawhide Chews, and today, we want to provide you with some safe alternatives.  Dogs need to chew.  It provides them with physical and emotional benefits and helps keep their teeth strong and clean, when the chew toys we give them are safe and appropriate.  There are many reasons to avoid rawhide chews, and we gave you some of those reasons in our last post (Click here to read that.)

The good news is that there are a number of great products on the market today that provide the benefits of chewing without the dangers inherent in rawhide.  Here are just a few to get you started.

  1. From your kitchen:  Carrots and ice cubes are both healthy, safe choices for the dogs who enjoy them.  Some dogs love them, and others don't.  But if your dog does, these can be an easy, safe and healthy treat for them to chew on.
  2. From Kong:  Kong is a manufacturer that offers a line of terrific chew toys for all kinds of dogs.  Many are customized to the size, age, and chewing habits of your specific dog.  They come in various colors to indicate the level of sturdiness, with black being the toughest.  These bones are almost indestructible, and therefore will last a very long time.  One of our favorites is the Kong Wobbler, which plays a dual role.  As a chew toy, it's strong enough for even the hardest chewers.  And when you fill it with peanut butter, kibbles, or other treats, it becomes a puzzle that will entertain and interest them for a long time.  (A great way to ease separation anxiety, by the way.)
  3. From Nylabone:  Another manufacturer that meets our criteria for safety, affordability and durability, Nylabone has a line of chew toys that will fit your dogs needs well.  We like the Durachew Bones which are very safe and help keep teeth and gums clean and healthy as well.

A few items we don't recommend:

Because of dangers with bacteria, sharp shards, shredding, choking, intestinal blockage, broken teeth and more, we don't recommend any of these popular treats for any dog.

  • Rawhide
  • Animal bones, whether raw or cooked
  • Tree branches
  • Antlers
  • Pig ears
  • Rope toys (These are great under supervision, but are not safe when the dog is left alone with them.  They can easily shred them, and when swallowed, the strings can pose serious threats to their health and safety.)

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