Happy Caturday!

Every Saturday the internet gets taken over by cats.  Saturday is the most popular day for people to post pictures of their cats to the internet. So why not us?  Bewaggle celebrates Caturday!

Today we are going to start with the Abyssinian. There is a lot of controversy concerning the origin of the Abyssinian. The breed was developed in England. The first Abyssinian to come to England was from Ethiopia formerly known as Abyssinia. However, this breed most likely originated in Egypt.

These cats are energetic, playful, and love to be around people, however, they are not lap cats. They love to know what you are up to. They like to be helpers and are said to be very loyal and very intelligent.

Energetic cats need to get plenty of exercise or they can develop behavioral problems. You can use feather toys, balls, lazer pointers (avoid shining the light in their eyes), or even take your cat for a walk.

I would now like to direct you to catsinsinks.com  - my fellow cat lovers - enjoy 🙂

Be Wise... Bewaggle!

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