Doggie Nosebleeds

So you were visiting with your dog and you notice that he has a nosebleed. Now you're asking yourself what do I do? How serious is it? Does my dog need to go to the vet?

Most of the time when a dog has a nosebleed it's caused by an injury or some kind of trauma. If you don't see an injury other causes include bleeding disorder, infection, foreign objects, or a tumor. So, if you don't see and injury you need to get your dog to the vet as soon as possible.

Here are some things that you can do to help your dog:

  • Take an ice pack wrapped in a cloth and place it on the dogs nose.
  • Use gauze or a clean cloth to apply pressure on the bleeding nostril.
  • Keep your dog calm. He needs to stay as quiet and still as possible.
  • Use a soft calm voice to relax your dog and SLOWLY stroke your dog. Fast strokes will excite your dog. If you are calm and relaxed your dog will calm down and relax.

If the bleeding doesn't stop or if it seems like your dog is just randomly bleeding from the nose it's time for a trip to the vet - umm I mean now. Bleeding from one nostril is an early indicator of a bleeding disorder or a tumor.

We lost our dog, Bill, to a brain tumor back in February of 2002. He was a yellow lab and he was a great dog. He was very mellow and great with people, kids, other dogs, and cats. Bill was all heart and no brains - his full name was Bill Nog the Science Dog.

We had just moved from Vermont to Germany. It was a very rough move for him as moving always is for dogs. Bill didn't cope well with the trans-Atlantic flight. He pooped in his crate and ended up sliding and rolling in it durring the flight. He was scared of the elevator at the hotel when we first got there. We were living in the hotel for about 2 months. We had 2 rooms with only 3 beds and a couch to accomodate my parents, my older brother, our sick dog, and me. One morning Bill threw up on the floor. Then one day we noticed that he had a nosebleed. Poor Bill had been acting out of sorts since we started moving so we thought it was just the stress from the move. (If your dog is not acting like himself something is wrong). The vet told us he had a brain tumor. We were finally able to move into a house and get our furniture and all of our stuff. I really wanted Bill to be able to curl up in his recliner again. He didn't get to stay with us in our new home for very long but, at least he got some time with us in a house again.

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