Choosing a crate for your dog

Your dog's crate is his den - his safe haven. And it will be his den for many years to come. So picking the right one is important. The crate (or kennel, as it is sometimes called) should be about the size of your dog. He should be able to stand up and lie down comfortably in his crate. You don't want the crate to be too big, especially if you are house training a puppy.

Dogs like their den to be clean and don't like to eliminate in their den. This makes crate training an important part of house breaking. If the crate is too big your puppy may eliminate in the crate and you will have a difficult time house training your puppy.

We recommend a metal wire crate that can withstand puppy chewing. Many of these crates come with a divider so that you can buy a crate for your puppy that will last into adulthood. You place the divider in the back of the crate to make it the proper size for your puppy and as he grows you can move it back until it is no longer necessary.

Even if you are not house training a puppy, your dog should have a crate and he should be comfortable in it.

The safest way for a dog to travel is in a crate. If you have a car accident it will prevent injuries to your dog and ensure that help can get to you. A loose dog in the car can become aggressive toward the first responders.

Also, in the event of an emergency your dog may have to be crated. If your dog has to be rescued from your house (hurricanes, floods, house fires, etc.) he will be crated. It will be a lot easier for the rescuers and for your dog is he is comfortable in a crate.

Your travel crate should be something sturdy like a wire or plastic crate. Cloth crates are lighter and can be very cute but they are not a safe option. They don't offer much protection in the event of an accident and your dog can easily chew it to shreds.

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