Finding the Right Chew Toy

Dogs love their soft squeaky toys but they also need durable chew toys. Chewing helps dogs to relieve stress and boredom. Dogs that don’t have durable chew toys can take out their chewing frustrations on your furniture, carpets, and shoes.

Rawhide chews are not a good choice. They carry bacteria that can make your dog sick plus they are a choking hazard. There are some edible chew toys that you can give your dog like large dog biscuits and dentastix. Just be sure to check the ingredients. Nylabone has a line of edible dog chews as well as their durachew bones. The edible bones don’t last very long and some dogs will get diarrhea. The durachew bones are great – they last a long time. I don’t recommend buying any bones with the rubber added to them though. My personal dog is a pretty powerful chewer and her nylabones last for years. She has had her big bone for over 3 years now.

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