Dog Walking Troubles?

Does your dog misbehave on leash? Your dog pulling on the leash is a potentially dangerous situation. Some dogs won't stop pulling and start choking themselves. When your dog pulls he might get away from you. You could fall and get hurt and your dog can get lose and get into a dog fight or get hit by a car.

The best way to teach your dog not to pull is to use a gentle leader (head halter).

When you buy a gentle leader it comes with an instruction video that shows you how to put it on your dog. The nose piece should be a little loose but the other piece should be snug up by your dogs ears. This type of collar works because dogs have to go in the direction that their head is pointing. If your dog does pull on the gentle leader he won't be able to pull very hard because pulling will be uncomfortable for your dog. You should also reward your dog for walking loose on the leash so that it becomes a habit.

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