The Yellow Dog Project

Have you ever been out for a walk around the neighborhood, and seen someone walking a dog with a yellow ribbon tied to his collar, or maybe on his leash?  The Yellow Dog Project is really a great idea, and we want to make sure everyone in America understands what it means.

When you see a dog with a yellow ribbon, or bandana, or other yellow attire, it’s a sign that the owner wants you to know that this dog needs a little more space.  It doesn’t mean he’s aggressive or mean, but it does mean that you (and your children, especially) should approach the dog only when the owner tells you it’s OK.

Some dogs are nervous around strangers, and some are just learning how to interact with people outside the house.  The Yellow Dog Project was conceived as a way to alert others that this particular dog needs his space, so people don’t approach him too quickly or get too close for their own safety.

We’re so happy to share this information with you because it’s such a great idea. All dogs need exercise and an opportunity to learn their social skills. The Yellow Dog Project gives handlers and owners a simple way to let the world know their dog needs a little extra space.  To learn more, visit their website at

Be wise... Bewaggle!

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