Jumping Dog?

So your dog is super excited to see you and he just needs to jump up on you or your company. It's rude and sometimes those dog nails hurt! Fortunately, there are ways to correct this behavior. Here's what you can do to get him off and put him in the habit of sitting down to greet people.

First off, whenever he jumps on you turn around with your back to him. Never start petting a dog that has his feet on you. This will only encourage him to jump up. He wants to see you, so he will come around in front of you again. This is when you should put your dog into a sit, and start petting him. If he jumps up again, start over. You have to show your dog that jumping up does not get your attention. He needs to know that sitting for you as a greet is what pays, so when he is sitting, it is time to pour on the love, or even give him a tasty treat. Your timing is important, so once his butt is on the floor - reward.

You’re going to tell any company that you have the same thing. But realize that it's really hard for dog lovers to resist playing with dogs that clearly want to play with them. So the trick is to keep a clicker and a bag of treats by the front door. When they first come in, tell them to turn their back toward the dog if he jumps up, and to use the sit command. You can hand them the treats and the clicker, so they can reward the dog when the moment is right. The important lesson here is to stop rewarding a misbehaving dog by petting him while he is jumping up.

Remember that training has to be fun, so keep your training sessions short - about 5 minutes long.

Be Wise... Bewaggle!

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