Some Dogs Just Love to Bark

Herding dogs in particular love to bark – it’s part of what they were bred to do. Some dogs love to vocalize just because it’s fun. However, most people don’t find barking charming. After a while it gets on your nerves too.

Asking a dog to never bark is both unrealistic and cruel. Barking is one of the ways that dogs communicate. First you need to decide when it is acceptable for your dog to bark. When someone is at the door or on your property we want the dog to bark. But not after the guest enters the house. The dog that loves to bark will probably also want to bark at you when they want fed, attention, treats, need to go out, or just for fun. The dog that loves to bark needs you to play a barking game. You decide when it’s alright for him to bark and give him an opportunity to get it out of his system.

It's not hard to get a dog that loves to bark to bark on command. Get some of their favorite treats and/or toys and give your bark command (speak is a good choice) and reward once they start barking. A lot of these dogs will start barking when you don't give them the treat or toy if that doesn't work start barking at your dog and he will bark back. You should play this game for a while and then have some quiet time.

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