Adopting a Shelter Dog

So you want to adopt a dog. First you have to think about what kind of dog will work with your lifestyle. Are you looking for a jogging partner or a couch potato to hang out with? Do you want a big dog, a small dog, or something in between? How much grooming do you want to be responsible for? Once you know what kind of dog will fit into your household you can visit the animal shelter.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while at the shelter. First of all, there are a million reasons why dogs end up in the shelter. From abuse and neglect to financial issues and everything in between.  You will never know the whole story as to how these dogs ended up in a shelter.

The shelter can be a scary place. The workers and volunteers do the best they can to keep the dogs comfortable, healthy, and happy but it is still a stressful environment for many of them. When you have a meet and greet with one of the dogs don’t be upset if they don’t come to you right away. Give him a few minutes to adjust so that you can see his true personality.

If it seems like he has too much energy when he first comes out keep in mind that he has been cooped up in a kennel surrounded by barking dogs all day. Don’t be afraid to ask the staff and volunteers questions. They spend a lot of time with these dogs and they can help you find the perfect pooch.

Sometimes shelter dogs have issues. In any case when you bring a new dog home you need to spend some time training and working with your dog. Through basic obedience training you will build a strong bond with your dog and you won’t have to live with any naughty behavior.

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