A Word About Puppy Training

Puppies are constantly learning. They absorb information like a sponge and even when class is not in session your puppy is learning.

They are smart and they quickly pick up which behaviors pay. You may be inadvertently teaching your puppy bad behaviors. For example: if your puppy is constantly crying in the crate, it is because you have taught him that crying gets your attention. If you talk to him, go to him, or tell him to stop you are giving him attention. Your reactions teach your puppy that crying gets your attention and any attention is better than no attention.

Is your puppy getting rewarded for bad behavior? Rewards are attention, play, praise, and food. Are you playing tug-of-war with your socks? Petting him when he jumps up on you? Giving him treats at the table? If so, you're rewarding bad behaviors, and he's learning that those behaviors earn him rewards.

Everything you do with your puppy teaches him SOMETHING.  It's your job to make sure he's learning exactly what you want him to learn.

Be wise... Bewaggle!

About Bewaggle:

Bewaggle is a pet services company located in DeLand, Florida. We offer pet sitting, dog walking, puppy training, basic obedience training, and more, in the convenience of the customer's home.  Every Bewaggle employee is bonded, insured, professionally trained and has undergone a background check. Be wise... Bewaggle!

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