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Dogs and Doorbells

Who has a dog that goes crazy at the sound of the doorbell? I do – along with every dog owner that I have ever met. But here is why I don’t complain – in fact I encourage it. First of all the sound of my doorbell doesn’t carry through the whole house. If I’m…
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I Caught a Bird!

Fantastic Fiona is a Pointer and like a true Pointer she is fascinated with birds. She stares at them through the back window and she slinks down low and points at them when she sees them in the backyard until she can’t take it anymore and she bounds after them. One morning when I let…
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Fiona and the Flying Frisbee

I remember when I first brought Fiona home. She was four months old and she loved playing with all of the toys that I had bought for her. She loved to chase the Tennis Ball and I wanted her to play catch with me. I wanted to do all sorts of doggie sports with her…
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Bringing Home the Fabulous Fiona

A house is not a home without a dog. So, when I moved into my own apartment I knew I needed a dog. I wanted a big female dog that would snuggle with me and be a willing jogging partner. I actually wanted to rescue a pit bull but that just wasn’t possible. It turns…
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My poor dog has an ear infection

Fiona, the Corporate Puppy - now 3 years old - has an ear infection for the second time, and it made me wonder why our other dog - now 11 years old - has never had one.  So I decided I needed to learn more about what causes ear infections in dogs, and how to…
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Back from surgery

As the co-owner and CEO of a young and growing business, it's never easy to get time away from the office.  But this week, my health took center stage and forced me to take a little time off.  I had surgery on Wednesday to have my gallbladder removed, and aside from the expected soreness, I'm…
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A Dog Named Phoebe

I come from a dog family. We lost our last dog to a brain tumor while we were living in
Germany. We didn’t want to put another dog through a trans-Atlantic flight so we had to wait until we moved back to the states to get another dog. Three years later we finally moved to New York and my mom and I asked my dad when we would get another dog. He was opposed to the idea. He said we were too busy – work and school all day and hockey all night and weekends (I had an Olympic dream). It wouldn’t be fair to the dog and he was right.

Then my older brother passed away while he was at college. My mom became far more insistent on having a dog. I wasn’t pursuing the Olympics anymore and we really needed to have a dog. My dad still said no. He had the same list of excuses. And he would get a little animated about it. They are expensive, they get into the trash, they are destructive (he would always act like he was shaking one of the Turkish carpets like a dog would), and he would always end with “and they carry disease.” We sat down and had this talk just about everyday until he finally screamed fine. I don’t think he was seriously giving the okay more like he was trying to get us to leave him alone.

That was good enough for my mom. She was working at West Point and she knew that they had a vet clinic on site that would sometimes have pets for adoption. She gave them a call while she was at work and told them that she was looking for a dog. She really didn’t care much about the dog so long as it would be a good pet. She told them that she would prefer large to small but not fussy about it. She would prefer short hair to long but it’s not a deal breaker. She would like a girl but she was really not fussy about it she was just looking for a good pet. They told her that they actually had a dog that she would probably like that just came up for adoption that day. My mom met the dog after work and took her home with her.

She is a white dog with faded black spots, short hair, and medium size. She is dog, cat, and child friendly. After an epic debate we decided to name her Phoebe. We ended up with the most well behaved dog I have ever even heard of. She never gets in the trash, she never barks, she doesn’t bolt, she doesn’t leave her yard, she doesn’t steal food, she doesn’t get on the furniture that she isn’t allowed on, and she doesn’t touch anything in a box or basket (not even her own toys or treats). We can and have left her alone in the house and she still won’t break any of the rules. Once we accidentally left a plate of bacon on the table and left her alone with it. It was untouched when we came home. She loves everybody and no one can resist to love this silly and playful dog.

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