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Tips for Relieving Your Dog’s Stress

If your dog is overly stressed, it can affect his overall health. The best thing to do is to simply avoid the things that stress him out. However, we can’t always avoid stressful situations for our pups. There are a few different techniques that you can use to relieve stress. Dogs like to chew when…
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ThunderShirt Review

Does your dog suffer from anxiety over thunder storms, fireworks, or even separation anxiety?  Have you heard about ThunderShirts?  The claim is that ThunderShirt is a quick and simple solution to pet anxiety. The company claims that by simply putting the ThunderShirt on a stressed dog, it will help to calm him down. That seemed…
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Arthritis in Dogs

As our dogs get older, they become more prone to arthritis and other joint problems. Bigger dogs are more likely to get arthritis than smaller dogs and many purebred breeds are also prone to joint problems. The first sign is a decrease in activity. Maybe he doesn’t run or play as much as he used…
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The Damage of Doing Nothing

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke The only way we can bring an end to animal abuse is to speak up and stand up for them. Make your opinions known and your voice heard. You can volunteer at any number of wonderful…
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Finding the Right Chew Toy

Dogs love their soft squeaky toys but they also need durable chew toys. Chewing helps dogs to relieve stress and boredom. Dogs that don’t have durable chew toys can take out their chewing frustrations on your furniture, carpets, and shoes. Rawhide chews are not a good choice. They carry bacteria that can make your dog…
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Bad Breath

Foul doggie breath is not something that you should just assume that you have to live with. Your dog shouldn’t have bad breath. If you notice that your dog’s breath has a foul smell then something could be wrong. Bad breath can be a sign of gum disease or a bad tooth. Dogs can have…
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I Caught a Bird!

Fantastic Fiona is a Pointer and like a true Pointer she is fascinated with birds. She stares at them through the back window and she slinks down low and points at them when she sees them in the backyard until she can’t take it anymore and she bounds after them. One morning when I let…
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