Pet Sitter in Orange City

pet sitter in Orange CityLooking for a really great pet sitter in Orange City, Florida?  Bewaggle Pet Sitters are just what you're looking for. When you can't be there to care for your pets, we provide peace of mind like no one else can.

Pet Sitter in Orange City

All of our Orange City Pet Sitters (in fact, all our sitters throughout our service area) have been bonded, insured and background checked, but that's just the beginning!  Our sitters are true animal lovers who have been carefully screened, and then professionally trained to care for your home and your pets until you return.

Dog Walker in Orange City

In addition to caring for pets while their owners are out of town, we also provide an excellent dog walker service in Orange City, and throughout Volusia and Seminole Counties.  We know that most dogs require more exercise than their owners can give them, and that's just one reason for enlisting our Dog Walker for your pooch.  Whether you have a young puppy, or an older dog, we can stop by your home and give them the attention, love, exercise or medications they need while you're at work.

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The safest and best choice in pet care!

These days, it's not just about trusting your pet sitter; it's about trusting that nothing will happen to your pet sitter while you're away.  If your pet sitter gets sick, or she gets hurt, or her mother has to have a hip operation, or her kid is in a school play, or she gets a chance to play golf, she can (and you hope she will) find someone else to care for your pets.  And she will give a person you've never met complete, total, and unfettered access to your home.  Plus your bank accounts, your credit cards, your grandmother's jewelry, and your beloved pets. You'll be out of town and you'll have no control over who's in your house while you're not there.  That's why we started this business!

All Bewaggle Pet Sitters and supervised and supported by the team.  If one of our sitters gets sick, we will know it.  And we have a whole team of qualified, caring professionals to back them up.